Uploading Images via Image Import/Drag and Drop

Jennifer Waterman -


1. Go to auction tab, click on the green edit pencil for the auction you want to upload images for.  Then select image import tab.

2. Select the green add files tab.  This will allow you to browse on your computer for your images.  You may also use the drag and drop your images.  Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

3. Start the upload.

Helpful hints for naming images.

For example, if you want to associate images with lot 101, you're using the lot# as image identifier, you have 3 images, and you select dot as separator, then the images would need to be named as follows in order for the import to be successful:

101.1.jpg, 101.2.png,101.3.gif

Please note that the image name extension doesn't matter so long as it's a valid web image format. The above example merely uses jpg, png, gif in order to illustrate that you can use different extensions if need be.


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