Jennifer Waterman -

1. When you click the button generate new invoices with "-All Users-" selected in the drop down to the right, the system will generate invoices for all lots that have a hammer price and a winning bidder, and are not yet on an undeleted/uncanceled. If you select a user on the right then the invoice will only be generated for that user.

2. Refresh the list of invoicable users. (Might be necessary during an auction if you've already pulled up this page but meanwhile more lots have closed for example.)

3. Filter invoices by status

4. Filter invoices by currency in case you had some sales that you ran in different currencies.

5. Filter invoices by sale.

6. Click this button to execute the search selected/entered to the left.

7. Select a primary and secondary sort to order invoices.

8. Sort button: Click this to execute the sort configured to the left.

1. Perform the action selected in the dropdown to the left on all invoices checked. For example here you can bulk send or bulk charge invoices if the user has supplied his credit card information.

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