Adding an Auction (Timed)

Jennifer Waterman -

1. Under the Auctions Tab at the top of the screen, click the Create Auction Button.

2. Select auction type, select timed

3. Reverse Auction.  A reverse auction is a timed auction that where the buyer lists the item they want to buy and the sellers are the ones bidding. Bidding starts at the high price and sellers outbid each other by bidding lower and lower.  The lowest bid gets the deal.

4. Enter auction start date and time. Enter the end date and time.

5. Staggered Closing: Allows you to automatically have the system pick the auction lot end dates so they close in staggered intervals, rather than all at the same time.

6. Lots per interval: The staggered closing intervals.

7. Exclude closed lots.  Sets the default value for the checkbox "exclude closed lots" on the lot catalog.

8. Sale #: The sale number + extension. Leave blank and the system will auto generate. Enter the name that the sale will be listed under.

9. Location.  This is the location of the event.

10. Tax percentage.  This will be where you would put your tax percentage if you want to override the global settings.

11. Description: The sale description that will be displayed on the "Auction info" tab to the end user.


12. Terms and Conditions.  These are the terms and conditions for this auction when the bidder registers for the auction.

13. Invoice Notes .  You can put specific notes to go on your invoices.  You can also put notes on the invoices too when they are generated.

14. Shipping Info.  Put anything in this section that pertains to shipping and rigging.

15. Upload Image.  This is the image that will be associated with this auction.

16. File Encoding.  If you are using a PC leave setting at Windows-1252.  If using a MAC use UFT-8.

17. Overwrite.  If this box is checked then your file that you upload will overwrite any items that have existing item numbers in the ItemId column.

18. Upload files.  This is where you choose your csv inventory file to upload.

19. Apply auction items and date sync.  Check the appropriate box for how you would like your auction start and end dates to be.

20. Default lot Zip/Postal Code for the auction.

You may now click the Create Auction button!





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