Editing an Invoice

Jennifer Waterman -

1. Go to the bidder and invoice you are going to edit and click the green edit pencil.


1. Here you can chance the invoice status.

2. Apply cash discount: This will apply the cash discount configured in the settings to this invoice.

3. Don't include in threshold calculation: In case you don't want to have this invoice count against the credit card threshold configured for the auction it is being generated for, then check this box.

4. Payment methods allowed: Here you can limit the payment methods allowed for this particular invoice, in case you need it to be different from the default for some

5. Click this button to edit any information pertaining to the invoice (date, number, etc.), or pertaining to line items.

6. Here you can charge either the card on file or a completely new credit card number in order to close out this invoice. (Only works if you have a payment gateway setup.)

7. Here you can enter various additional costs or credits that are added to or

deducted from the invoice total.

8. Here you can manually enter payments made on this invoice. This section will also be automatically updated if a bidder makes a payment via credit card or bank transfer from the invoice checkout.

9. Removes all taxes applied on this invoice in one shot (if any).

10. Sends the invoice to the buyer.

10. Add New Lots: If an invoice was generated during an auction and more lots are

sold to this same bidder then click this button to simply add on the additional lots to

this invoice.

11. Invoice notes that appear at the bottom of the invoice.



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