Uploading Images via FTP

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Under Auctions Tab, Click the Edit Auctions pencil, Go to Lots

1. The username to connect to the remote location.

2. The password to connect to the remote location.

3. The host to connect to the remote location.

4. The directory that the images are located in at the remote location. If the files are

in the root directory leave this blank.

5. The image identifier tells the system by what pattern the images on the remote

location should be associated with lots in this sale. You can use the ItemId, the

Lot#, or any of the custom fields created as image identifiers.

6. If you have multiple images for one lot, then this is how you need to separate the

image number from the image filename base.

For example, if you want to associate images with lot 101, you're using the lot# as

image identifier, you have 3 images, and you select dot as separator, then the

images would need to be named as follows in order for the import to be successful:




Please note that the image name extension doesn't matter so long as it's a valid

web image format. The above example merely uses jpg, png, gif in order to

illustrate that you can use different extensions if need be.

7. Click this to actually submit the remote image import request specified to the left.

It may take a few minutes for the images to be imported if you're using SAM ftp

servers. If you're using other ftp servers it may take longer.

Do NOT hit the refresh button after clicking this button, otherwise your browser will

re-submit the entire request.









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