Adding an Auction (Live)

Jennifer Waterman -


1. Under the Auctions Tab at the top of the screen, click the Create Auction Button.

2. Select auction type, select live.

3. Select Clerking Style.  Simple or Advanced.

4. Enter auction start date and time. 

5. Enter the number of days the auction will be.

6. Sale #: The sale number + extension. Leave blank and the system will auto fill.

7. The name that the sale will be listed under.

8. Select location.  You can select from drop down list or add a new location.

9. Enter Tax percentage for the auction.

10. Description: The sale description that will be displayed on the "Auction info" tab to end user.

11. Enter Terms and Conditions.  The terms and conditions are displayed to the end user on the auction info tab, the lot details screen, and when he registers for an auction. 

12. Invoice notes, You can put any notes that you would like to show up on your invoices.  You can also do this when you set up invoicing in the Settings option under email templates.

13. Shipping Info.  Enter any shipping or rigging instructions here.

14. Stream Display, Stream Server and Stream Name

15. Enable parcel choice lots

16. Upload Image.  This is the image that will be associated with this auction.

17. File Encoding. If you are using Windows leave as Windows -1252.  If using a MAC select UTF-8

18. Check this box if you are overwriting existing items with matching numbers. 

19. Uploading files. Here you can upload your CSV file.  

20. Default zip code for auction.

You can now hit the create auction button.

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