First things first!

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In particular you want to …
1. Enter your (or other payment gateway) data .  Go to Settings tab, select system parameters and then invoicing and payments.
2. Enter some page titles and descriptions for the non-dynamic pages
here under “SEO Settings”:  Go to Settings tab, select system parameters,and then layout and site customization.
3. Enter your SMTP email settings (as provided by your email hosting
provided or network consultant) under “SMTP Settings” and also choose
an email address that your customers will receive email from whenever
the system sends emails (such as  Go to Settings tab, select system parameters, then system configuration.  
4. Adjust the email template for emails sent out by the system upon
specific events: Go to Settings tab, select email templates tab and enter information for specific information you would like emailed to your bidders.
5. Fill in default terms and conditions, invoice address info, etc.
Go to Settings tab, then select site content tab.
(can still be changed per individual auction)
6. Prepare a list of lots along with images and we can get it loaded
into the system for you for your first auction. Alternatively you can
add auctions and lots yourself by going to the auctions tab, selecting edit auction, (the green pencil) and then you can add lots yourself. 


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