How to Register a Bidder

Jeremy Hamel -

Admin Auto Registration 


Our system allows you to add both a buyer that has previously registered for yoru sale, as well as add uyers on the fly directly to your sale. 


When this is useful: This tool is mostly helpful for buyers well known to you that you want to register for the auction. 


Important to consider: This buyer is bypassing the process of self registering for the sale, they are being auto-registered by you or one of your admin staff and therefore bypassing the terms and conditions and the opportunity to update any of their information like credit cards or contact information. 


Bidder Self Registration


Bidders can register for your auction sale as soon as the sale is created and your teaser lots are up. You must add at least one lot in order to create the call to action button of registration. 


One of the best benefits of working with Bidpath is that you tell us what you want from a buyer in order to grant them access to your auction and we will build a custom registration page around your requirements. Some of the basic requirements you can toggle on and off are: 


  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Phone type
  • Credit card
  • Address (Home, Business, Shipping and/ or Billing)
  • Drivers License #
  • Passport #
  • Site terms agreement
  • Auction terms agreement 
  • Newsletter  / email list registration


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