How to Create a User

Jeremy Hamel -

There are a few situations in which you would create a user within your Bidpath admin directly to give access. 


Admin User

  • This person is an internal user that you are creating within admin to give them access to your admin. 
  • This person is a user that you want to limit access to the admin; for example possibly a contractor that you have hired on just to manage the inventory only, but you do not want to give them any access to your users. 
  • You can limit the user’s access based on the below privileges, toggled on and off dependent on how you want this user’s access to be limited, see below as the privileges available 


Bidder User

  • You have a bidder that you want to assist them in the account creation process, you can create the bidder account so all the bidder needs to do is login and accept the terms of your auction, you will need their basic information as below, but you can save the bidder some time by adding them as a bidder user directly. 
    • Name
    • Email
    • Password (they can change this on their own)
  • You can choose to add a user as one of the following: 
    • Preferred Bidder - this bidder is auto approved in your auctions
    • House Bidder - buyers premium is not applied to lots won
    • Agent - ?????
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