Naming and associating your images to lots

Jeremy Hamel -

At Bidpath we know that managing the images for an auction can be very time consuming. Because of that we have built our software around making your life a lot easier. Whether it's how your camera names the images or how you rename the images, we have a way to associate those images for you. 


You can associate load your images into our bulk uploader and associate them in one or more of these ways: 


  • By lot number
  • By ItemFullNumber, which can be a unique inventory number or unique identifier for your internal inventory management 
  • By noting the filename of the images in your CSV upload
  • By manual drag and drop to the individual images 


Ready to upload images


  • Few things you should do before we start:
  • Your catalog must be loaded and noted with the association method you intend on renaming your photos with, you cannot upload images without a catalog.
  • Rename images according to whatever method you’d like to associate them to lots, whether that be Lot Number or Item Number or file names loaded into the system within the CSV column
  •  Resize your images to less than 1MB, 750px x 1000px is the ideal dimensions.


  1.     Start here:
  2.     Click the edit pencil on the auction that you’re going to uploading images for
  3.     Click on the Import Image tab
  4.     Drag and drop no more than 450 images into the dotted box, drop in smaller batches if your internet speeds are not ideal
  5.     The images will show up under the dotted box, this is also where you will see any errors, such as if the images are too large, click Cancel on those images, then resize them and load them after resized 
  6.     Once all images are under the dotted box, click Start Upload
  7.     All of your images will now transfer into the dotted box
  8.     How you associate your images is based upon how your images were named, see above, the most likely is that they were named by Lot Number, so you will select that Association Method on the top left corner of the dotted box, then click Go!
  9.     You will receive a success message when all images have been associated with their lots and the images will rightfully be removed from the dotted box as they are not assigned with their lots.
  10. You can now begin your next batch of images and repeat these steps.
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