Reordering Auction Lots

Jeremy Hamel -

One of the best features within the Bidpath system is that you can reorder your catalog, even if it has pre-bids and people are watching items within your catalog, this can be sorted into a new order in just a few short minutes. Whether it is due to adding additional lots or needing to add a selling order before the sale to create a strategic selling environment, it’s simple and easy to do within the SAM system. 

Uploading additional lots / making changes

  1. Start by going to the ‘Reports’ tab at auction level - download the ‘CSV Import-Ready Export’ - the reason you want to use this report is because it will have the ItemFullNumber assigned on it, which is necessary to maintain the relationship between ItemFullNumber, LotName*, LotDescription and and bids or watch-listers on the item. This report will also include any changes that may have been made to lots directly, outside of a previous CSV upload.
  2. Make all your changes / additions / edits to this report. 
  3. Some of the items you are adding as new items will not have an ItemFullNumber, that is because the system will generate that automatically, you can leave it blank on this spreadsheet, but you MUST maintain the ItemFullNumber for the lots that have had this number assigned already by the system.
  4. Now you are going to upload your updated inventory, go to LOTS tab, select “Browse CSV file” and select the file you wish to upload
  5. Make sure that you click ‘Overwrite existing items with matching item numbers”
  6. Now click “Process Uploaded Files”
  7. Once you have a successful upload of your inventory - you can now load images by the appropriate association.
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